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With 30 Plus years experience in the moving Industry and 4 Ontario locations and 3 associate Ontario companies as well as a member companies of Independent Movers Federation we have the people to move you the way you should be moved!

We do make moving easier. This site is also meant to make your life easier with Moving tips, tax tips, packing tips, online quotes and online booking. We consider every move to be custom made... big or small, if you need a partial packing of breakables only or if you want every box packed for you and unpacked or storage or if an item requires cratingor specialty boxes or and moving supplies we do what you require.  We are a full service mover which means if you want " just moving " you can have just moving or if you need packing services, storage or maid services just tell us and we will make your life easier!

We provide moving services for all of Southern ontario ( from Southern Ontario move to from and within all of Ontario, to all provinces in Canada and to the USA)

Secondly we provide service from Northern Ontario ( to all points in Southern Ontario and to all provinces and  the USA)

Thirdly we provide Long Distance Moving services to Most every area of North America even if you are not currently living in Ontario through our associate Moving Companies.

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What's the difference in using a local mover or a provincial mover well here's


With Movers in several Ontario locations we are the mover of choice for your in Province Move. At first it seems like local moving and provincial moving are much the same however with MTO saftey regulations limiting length of moving days and hours in a work day plus dependable units for the highway and experienced estimators to verify if your goods will fit or not in one load.

1) Length of Day.... Ministry of Tranportation Ontario regulations limit the moving and driving day to 13 hours which means we have to have 2 drivers and a helper on most trucks if we expect the truck to return to the shop the same day and not have fines or be delayed at scales. Moves over 17 hours in total time of loading and unloading require staff to take a minimum of 4 hours of rest time which usually means an overnite stay / expense.

2) All our trucks have to meet of course safety standards for the
province of Ontario. This however does not mean the trucks are or will be dependable for highway use throughout the province. We do use later model and try to use our lower mileage trucks for provincial use. Regular Maintenance is essential for provincial moving.

3) When doing local moving, crews tend to float the furniture when loading and with provincial moving we do spend more time making sure that the load is as tight as possible so items do not rub or move during a longer travel day.

4) Local Movers are not required to be provincially licenced which at first you may not think may be important to you however If a mover does not have a provincial licence the moving truck can expect delays at scales or simply charge more time for driving around scales to avoid them. Next having a provincial licence means the mover will have to have some cargo coverage. On all of our trucks when you move within the province we have $75,000 cargo coverage should the truck be in an accident, experience a fire or should the box leak etc. Usuing a licenced mover is peace of mind for the customer.

5) Experienced Estimators can make a big difference for your provincial move. So many homes today people are filling up more and more and often one large truck isn't enough today. Since truck strecthers have not been invented yet its important a proper estimate is done to make sure all goes in one load or get advice as to what should be done if we cannot put your shipment in one load.